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What are the processing procedures for acrylic display stands?

Time:2021-11-09 14:51:01  View:3908
Acrylic display stands have become the most ideal and most commonly used display tools in the field of display props. Display racks made of acrylic materials are favored by people in the display industry because of their corrosion resistance, impact resistance, excellent light transmission performance, and beautiful appearance. They are also recognized by the industry as the most ideal material for display racks. Nowadays, people can see acrylic display stands made of acrylic everywhere in shopping malls and supermarkets, but they don't know how acrylic display stands are processed. Today, I will show you the process of processing acrylic display stands.

Detailed explanation of the processing flow of acrylic display stand:
    1. Cutting: Because the acrylic sheets are all in one piece, when processing the acrylic display, the whole acrylic sheet should be processed into the required size according to the needs, so it is necessary to open the material, which is Cutting. When opening the acrylic sheet, a high-density sliding table saw is generally used, because the sliding table saw can reduce the error and control it within 0.5 mm. Moreover, when opening the acrylic display stand, it is necessary to control the accuracy of the material and whether the opened material is right-angled.
    2. Trimming: The surface of the acrylic display stand processing material needs to be smooth and bright, but the edge of the acrylic material becomes tarnished through the first step of cutting, so it needs to be trimmed, and the trimming can make the surface that is not smooth enough Perform trimming, and enlarge 1 mm in advance for trimming when cutting the material.
   3. Laser cutting: laser cutting is aimed at the cutting of the processing materials of the heterosexual acrylic display stand. It must be controlled by a computer, and the thickness of the laser cutting cannot exceed 10 mm. The edge of the cut sheet above 10 mm is too large. Not ideal anymore.
  4. Hot bending: The current hot bending of acrylic sheet is mainly to make the acrylic sheet partially heated and soften by heating wire, and then bend along a straight line, and wait for it to cool after custom molding.
   5. Bonding: It is to bond the processed materials of the acrylic display stand with glue and form it. During the bonding process, pay attention to control so that it can not generate bubbles, and the bonding error should be small, which is beautiful to watch.